Certificate Programs

Choose to train 100% online - with instructors available on-demand.

Our Certificate & Diploma programs are designed to provide in-demand, industry recognized certifications. Utilize our extensive programs to demonstrate advanced knowledge to potential/future employers, show initiative, and amplify your skills. Visible Edge has been providing online training with instructors on-demand for over a decade. We've also continued to provide in-center classroom training for over 25 years. Our recently renovated in-center learning environment utilizes state of the art equipment and modern learning techniques - including one-on-one instructor interactions, online material, computer use, labs, and project work.

Drastically increase your employment marketability over other untrained or traditionally trained candidates.

Our programs are a minimum of 220 hours of core course and lab work, plus 80 hours of electives for you to choose from. They typically range from 12 to 15 weeks, depending on student requirements. Upgrade options also include 120, 160, 200 or more hours of elective courses. That is experience.

On-Demand Instructors

Our Visible Edge instructors are always available on-demand during our business hours. You don't have to wait around for our help or make an appointment with us. We'll help you out right away, whether to answer questions, assist you with a lesson or anything else you may need.

Remote Attendance

Students can tap directly into our training center remotely and work with our instructors. Instructors talk to students, view their sessions, help understand exercises and share their own screen to lecture. Training lessons are accessible online after hours and over the weekends for self-study.

In-Center Attendance

Students can upgrade their program and attend training in our physical training center for a one time fee. As always, our instructors are available on-demand when you need them. Ve-I provides the facility, workstation and software required to execute all of our coursework. Our building is easy accessible from the highway and offers sufficient parking, a cafeteria, a lounge area, pool tables and more amenities.

Our programs benefit many individuals, including...

-Workers looking to demonstrate their ability to learn new, innovative skills
-Displaced workers looking to elevate their career path
-Unemployed individuals looking to acquire new skills and improve their marketability
-Highschool graduates that want to gain career skills in order to enter the workforce making significantly above minimum wage
-Individuals seeking to conquer new challenges and have valuable accomplishments to show for it

If you don't fit into one of these scenarios, let us know. We'll be happy to provide you some guidance.