Acquire Essential Office Support and Management Skills.

Dive into the skills and techniques, from basic to advanced, required to keep every modern company functioning efficiently.

Learn All Aspects Of The Industry

After being introduced to core courses like Administrative Professional Foundations, learn more about essential programs and topics like Bookkeeping Basics, QuickBooks, Computer File Organization, and more.

Master Microsoft Office

From Microsoft Teams to OneNote, Outlook, Word, Planner, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Flow, Forms, Planner, Project, Publisher, SharePoint, Visio, and even more.

Boost Your Career

Whether you're looking to re-enter the working world, update your office skills, want to make a career change, or something else - our programs can be customized to provide the skillset required to excel.

Countless Elective Choices

Explore all aspects of the industry through your elective courses. Choose from topics including business etiquette, time management, accounting, financials, remote interviewing, document management, negotiating skills, customer service, and more.

Looking to advance or get back into the working world? Maybe you need to update your office skills, or are looking to make a career move to the front office. This program covers office support and management skills, from basic to advanced, that are required to provide the crucial services necessary to keep modern companies ticking.

We have core courses available starting with Administrative Professional FoundationsMicrosoft Teams, OneNoteOutlookWord, PlannerExcel, and PowerPoint. Afterwards, you'll be introduced to bookkeeping basics, the fundamentals and mechanics of bookkeeping, QuickBooks™ Fundamentals, and the basics of Computer File Organization. The core curriculum finishes up with Microsoft Office Specialist Associate Certifications in Outlook and Word. Throughout this program, other industry-recognized certifications may also be achieved.

After core material is completed, you'll have the ability to explore countless elective topics. Our long list of additional electives include:

Office Productivity:
Explore topics such as Time & Calendar Management, Office Administration in Legal Environments, Improving Presentations, Small Office Networking, Remote/Home Office Organization, Time Management, Event PlanningProject Management, Lean & Agile Project Management. You'll also have the ability to dive into Microsoft Office (Windows, Teams, Outlook, OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Flow, Forms, Planner, Project, Publisher, SharePoint, Stream, Sway, Teams, Visio, Lists, OneDrive, and more) or prepare for certifications in Microsoft Office 365 Associate Specialist for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Workplace Behavior & Human Interaction:
Choose to learn more about Business Etiquette, Communication Skills for Email, Texting, Conference CallsMeetings, Meals, and Networking Events. You may also learn Security & Cybersecurity Awareness, First Impressions, Body Language, Human Resource (HR) Fundamentals, Interview & Remote Interviewing Techniques, Resume Writing, Inclusion During Difficult Times, Conflict Management, Navigating Situations at Work, Managing Depression in the Workplace, Negotiating Skills, Interacting with Work Colleagues, Balancing Work and Life as a Work-from-Home Parent. 


Accounting, Bookkeeping & Document Management:
To explore more financial aspects of Office Management, discover more about Accounting & Finance FoundationsForensic Accounting,  Fraud Investigation, Cost Management, HIPAA for the Medical Office, Office OrganizationDocument & Data Management, Retention, Relational DatabasesData & Personal Privacy in the WorkplaceGDPR ComplianceSAP – Essentials, PLMMMS/4 Hanaand SD.  

Graphics & Animation for Business:
Dive into exciting aspects of the industry - such as Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and PhotoshopCamtasia for Video-Based Business Communication, and other similar topics/programs.  

Language – Beginning to Advanced (A1-C1) Grammar:
Further educate yourself on English GrammarBusiness English for Service StaffESL English: Introduction to Understanding Native English SpeakersAmerican SlangWriting with Proper Punctuation & in Plain Englishand Multinational Communication.

Sales, Service, Data Analysis & Programming:
Master various aspects of Salesforce Online Essentials, Customer Service Call Control Strategies, Tech Fundamentals, Business Data AnalysisData Analysis Essentials Using ExcelComputer Science Basics, Python Programming to AutomateSQL (Microsoft) FundamentalsVisual Basic Applications (VBA) Programming, and more. 

Our Certificate & Diploma programs are designed to provide in-demand, industry recognized certifications. Utilize our extensive programs to demonstrate advanced knowledge to potential/future employers, show initiative, and amplify your skills. Our programs are a minimum of 220 hours of core course and lab work, plus 80 hours of electives for you to choose from. They typically range from 12 to 15 weeks, depending on student requirements. Upgrade options also include 120, 160, 200 or more hours of elective courses. That is experience.

As an added benefit, if you are currently unemployed, you may qualify to have the entire program paid for, 100%, without any out-of-pocket costs to you. We are WIOA, Trade Act, Section 30 and GI Bill Approved. We also offer various other financing options.