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AdvantEDGE Workstations & Servers

Simulation Live! - Animation - Large Assemblies - FEA - CFD - Augmented Reality - Virtual Reality - Photorendering

Why AdvantEDGE Hardware Solutions?

Experience the Power...

Lightning Fast Core X-Series and Xeon CPU’s
Intense RTX & Quadro Graphics
Impressive Overclocking capabilities
Scorching Memory speeds up to 4999MHz+
Faster than ever NVME M.2 SSD’s

Always the latest technology.

See and Feel the Quality...

Nothing to Hide!
ASUS – Motherboards and Graphics Cards
Corsair – Cases, Power Supplies & Memory
Corsair – Liquid CPU & GPU Coolers
Corsair – Keyboards, Mice and Accessories
Samsung – SSD’s and Memory
Intel – Processors and On-Board Graphics
G.Skill – Memory
PNY – Graphics Cards

Always built to order.

Benefit from the Value...

Our workstations are designed to run a much larger range of graphics applications than a standard CAD station. The result is we custom build faster, more scalable, higher quality systems for less than the big-name OEM’s.

All with an unmatched 5 year warranty,


Prometheus Series

Most scalable workstation on the market


Athena Series
Workstations & Servers

Xeon ECC based


Typhon Series

Dual Xeon ECC


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