Celebrating 30 years of hardware excellence. AdvantEDGE hardware is always built to order, with the latest technology. We're so confident in our technology, that all of our hardware comes with an unmatched 5 year warranty. Choose from our Athena, Prometheus, or Typhon series.
We're so confident in our systems that we offer a 5 year warranty.

Experience the Power.

Lightning Fast Core X-Series and Xeon CPU’s
Intense RTX & Quadro Graphics
Impressive Overclocking capabilities
Scorching Memory speeds up to 4999MHz+
Faster than ever NVME M.2 SSD’s

 See and Feel the Quality.

ASUS – Motherboards and Graphics Cards
Corsair – Cases, Power Supplies & Memory
Corsair – Liquid CPU & GPU Coolers
Corsair – Keyboards, Mice and Accessories
Samsung – SSD’s and Memory
Intel – Processors and On-Board Graphics
G.Skill – Memory
PNY – Graphics Cards

Benefit from the Value.

Our workstations are designed to run a much larger range of graphics applications than a standard CAD station. The result is we custom build faster, more scalable, higher quality systems for less than the big-name OEM’s.


Prometheus Series

The most powerful, scalable X-Series Workstation on the market. Whether you're working with complex models or live simulations, running FEA and CFD calculations, creating photo-realistic animations and renderings, or using augmented/virtual reality applications, time is money. Our workstations aren't just entry level CAD stations. They're designed for multi-threaded and graphic intensive applications. Our Prometheus Workstations are the most scalable workstations on the market and will provide the ultimate value and power.


Athena Series
Workstations & Servers

With Athena, you'll have the ultimate processing power and security. Configured for those who have lengthy, complex scientific calculations, long digital animations or database (server) applications. If you're running an application that stays in memory for extended periods of time without restarting, such as database or long analysis applications, you may want to consider an ECC based system. Our Athena Workstations are the most scalable and powerful workstations on the market, protecting your investment for many years to come. Gain the ultimate value and endless capabilities.


Typhon Series

The power of multiple systems, all compacted into one. The Typhon Server is a single or dual xeon based system that will exceed your expectations. The Typhon Server is perfect for companies with space restrictions that don't want to incur the cost of installing rack based hardware. This single tower can house both a server and a separate workstation for the administrator, or a second low cost server for file sharing and other applications. There is also room for an additional motherboard for a separate system to provide for the Administrator.

Key Features:
• Versatile Mid-Tower Design for multiple full-length graphics cards
• Ultra-Expandable with extra memory, PCI & drive slots
• Platinum Class Power Supplies - the Heart of the System
• Intel X299 Chipset supports Intel X-Series Core i7 & i9 CPU’s!
• Built-in Wireless & Bluetooth for easy network access & more bandwidth
• Upgraded options available
• LEDs can be shut off

Key Features:
• ECC Memory Based system w/Quad Graphics Support
• Versatile Mid or Full-Tower Design in brushed black aluminum
• Intel X99 Chipset supports Intel Xeon E5 v3/v4 CPU’s and X-Series Core i7, i9 CPU’s
• Ultra-Expandable with extra memory, PCI & drive slots
• Platinum Class Power Supplies
•Upgrade options available

Key Features:
• ECC Memory Based system w/Quad Graphics Support (main system)
• Secondary Core i7/i9 based system for administration or file serving
• Versatile Super-Tower Design in brushed black aluminum and tempered glass
• Ultra-Expandable with extra memory, PCI & drive slots
• Platinum Class Power Supplies - the Heart of the System

Base Prometheus Configuration


Enhanced Prometheus System

Base Athena Configuration