Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality connects users across digital and physical worlds. You can change more than just products, operations and services—you’ll transform your business. Through the power of augmented reality (AR), your entire organization can experience and interact with CAD designs in the context of the physical world. AR is changing the nature of product design and bringing value to businesses in many areas. It empowers innovators and developers to build immersive experiences that transform the way users create, operate and service products. Use AR to explore, engage users, visualize products in the real world, enable more effective design sharing, enhance customer experience and empower non-CAD users to interact. AR is engaging, immersive and simple: it bridges the physical and digital worlds. Unlock the value created by the convergence.

Visualize products and designs in the real world.

Empower non-CAD users to interact, explore and engage.

Protect your IP by preventing access to CAD data.

Quickly define and publish Augmented Reality experiences that can be distributed instantly.

Enhance your customer operations by offering breakthrough digital product experiences.

Greatly improve safety and compliance adherence.

Vuforia Studio

With Vuforia Studio, users can leverage the richness of 3D and the insights from IoT to deliver compelling augmented reality experiences. These AR experiences help improve efficiencies, build better products, increase productivity and enable a safe work environment. Vuforia Studio uses existing 3D data, animated sequences and IoT data to reduce development cost and complexity.

Vuforia Chalk

Rapidly provide your service teams and equipment operations with problem-solving advice. Collaborative AR enables expert guidance anywhere. Vuforia Chalk combines advanced AR with real-time communications to create a powerful, intuitive way for your organization’s experts to effectively communicate. Vuforia Chalk delivers faster resolution without the excess time or expenses.

Vuforia Engine

Vuforia provides the creative freedom to build unique experiences that reflect brands and drive business results. Vuforia Engine delivers best-in-class computer vision, ensuring reliable experiences in a variety of environments. Vuforia supports leading phones, tablets and digital eyewear across Android, iOS and UWP. It also recognizes a range of everyday images, objects and environments.

Augmented Reality

Accurately visualize your current design or design variations at full scale without the need to make any physical prototypes. Understand spatially how things function, interact, and appear operating in real-time environments. Create experiences to visualize virtual product options. Review and evaluate specific product features before taking your model to market. With AR, your possibilities are endless.

AR in Creo

Creo AR Design Share saves you time, reduces risk and allows you to give a greater number of individuals the chance to experience your design at scale and in context. Get to market faster, generate customer excitement and publish more AR experiences. Creo is integrated with Vuforia, so you can author and publish AR experiences with the click of a button.

While Augmented Reality will be making an impact across many verticals, the use of AR is currently reshaping sales and marketing in the many markets.

Industrial Products


Medical Devices and Life Sciences

High-Tech and Semiconductors

Federal, Aerospace & Defense