Mechanical Design

Creo is the leading product design 3D CAD software. Now more than ever, product design and manufacturing teams are expected to create products more efficiently and cost effectively, without sacrificing innovation or quality. That's where Creo comes in. Creo delivers the most scalable range of 3D CAD product development packages and tools in today’s market. The variety of specific features, capabilities and tools that Creo offers helps engineers imagine, design and create your products better. Take your products from concept to digital prototype efficiently, precisely and intuitively with Creo—on the cutting edge of CAD for more than 30 years.

Geometry Creation

Creo Parametric
Create precise geometry regardless of model complexity. Correctly solve design problems early on.

Sheet Metal Design
Easily create walls, bends, punches, notches, flanges and more. Bend, flatten, cut and pattern parts all before creating a single physical prototype.

Mechanism Design
The creation and refinement of mechanisms needed for a specific application or product assembly.

GD&T Advisor
Be sure your work, and your team's work, follows ASME standard.

Augmented Reality
Built into Creo Parametric, AR bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Render Studio
Easily produce photorealistic renderings and animations: stunning images with sophisticated handling of light, scenes and model appearances.


Performance Tools

Creo Simulation Live!
Get real-time feedback on the thousands of design decisions you make, as you make them.

Advanced Assembly
Already using Creo for complex assemblies? Add advanced assembly management and performance tools that are unmatched in the industry.

Advanced Framework & Weldments
Framework design is now easier, faster, and cheaper.

Model Based Definition (MBD)
Embed product data directly in the 3D models, creating, annotating and publishing a single, reliable source of truth for the whole extended team.

Interactive Surface Design
Create a product’s look by interactively defining its shape and any surface.

What's New in Creo 8.0?
What's new in the latest version of Creo? Upgrades, enhancements, new features, and more.


Other Tools

Industrial Design - Reverse Engineering, Interactive Surface Design, Flexible Modeling, Render Studio & Augmented Reality

Plastic Part Design - Mold Analysis, Mold Tooling Design, Expert Moldbase & Complete Mold Design

Rendering & 3D Animation - Illustrate, Render Studio, Augmented Reality

Visualization - Illustrate, Render Studio, Creo View MCAD, Creo View ECAD and Creo View Mobile

Non-Parametric Modeling - Creo Direct

Data Management - Product Data Management (PDM), Windchill PDMLink (PLM), Servigistics (SLM), Thingworx (IoT), Vuforia Engine and Vuforia Chalk (AR)

Routed Systems Design (RSD) - Schematics, Piping & Cabling, Harness Manufacturing, ECAD Collaboration

What is Creo?

3D parts and assembly modeling is a CAD technique where the design intent of a part or an assembly is precisely represented by a 3D virtual model. With Creo, you can acquire the ability to build a virtual model and pull it apart on the screen for a closer look; leading to faster, cheaper and easier product design.

What's New in Creo 8.0?

Creo 8.0 makes you more productive and efficient than ever. Creo 8.0 introduces major innovations in generative design, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing (AM), and multi-body design. This release focuses on revolutionary new enhancements and updates including in areas including additive manufacturing, generative design, real-time design, and more.

Mechanism Dynamics Options (MDO)

With Creo, you can take advantage of core capabilities of mechanism design and motion analysis right from the start of your design process. Begin by building assemblies using mechanical connections, such as a pin or gear. Then, you can investigate the model’s behavior and check for interference and range of motion issues.

GD&T Advisor

GD&T Advisor provides expert guidance and validation. When your model is complete, you can be confident that it complies with the relevant standard. It also improves your productivity and simplifies the understanding of complex GD&T standards by providing readily available guidance during every step of the application process.

Augmented Reality

AR reduces the cost of marketing and sales logistics, shortens sales cycles and immerses customers to set you apart from the competition. Augmented reality offers business value across a wide range of use cases, from reducing costs and accelerating pipeline, to unlocking new revenue streams.

Render Studio

Easily produce photorealistic renderings and animations. Since it’s fully integrated with Creo Parametric, you can move between rendering and modeling modes without exiting the rendering application. With real-time ray-tracing, you can also leverage existing scenes and appearances for your designs in real time.

Creo Simulation Live!

Creo Simulation Live provides you with real-time feedback on your designs decisions, reacting to changes as you make them. It provides guidance on the thousands of decisions you make throughout the development process, so you can create better designs in a shorter amount of time.

Advanced Assembly Extension

Advanced Assembly (AAX) helps users simplify complex designs and develop advanced content with better control, design intent, and system integration. Streamline the flow of information from design to manufacturing tp help reach the optimal design in less time.

Advanced Framework & Weldments

Dramatically improve the accuracy and productivity of defining structural framework assemblies. Quickly and easily share intelligent 3D models throughout all phases of the project. You can now achieve faster definition and meet, or even beat, aggressive project deadlines.

Model Based Definition (MBD)

 Model Based Definition addresses the increasing complexity of systems, while reducing the time, cost and risk to develop and deliver these systems. MBD is about creating, organizing and managing a fully defined 3D Model that captures design intent.

Interactive Surface Design

Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX) integrates 3D design and engineering. By combining the power of parametric modeling with the flexibility of free-form surfacing, you can create complex, freeform curves and surfaces directly within a single design environment.

Sheet Metal Design

Boost productivity by automatically creating and optimizing toolpaths using standard and form tools. Easily and quickly create walls, bends, punches, notches, flanges and more. Bend, flatten, cut, and pattern parts all before creating a single physical prototype.