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Ve-I instructors are always available on-demand during our business hours. We're here to help.

Visible Edge Institute (Ve-I) is a Licensed Post-Secondary Educational Institution. We're licensed to operate by both the US Department of Education and the Higher Education Commission; a coordinating state agency working with colleges, universities and career schools to protect students and promote education through financial aid. Our institute offers individual Training Courses, comprehensive Certificate & Diploma Programs and Skills Optimization Courses. We provide effective, in-depth training for courses such as Lean Six Sigma, CAD, GD&T, Creo, Keyshot, Agile Scrum, Revit, Vuforia and more. Choose to train in-office or in-center, when you want to, while maintaining on-demand access to live Ve-I Instructors. You won't ever have to wait around for our assistance. Students can also access their lessons online after hours and over the weekends for self-study.

Course Options

On-Demand Instructors

Our Visible Edge instructors are always available on-demand during our business hours. You don't have to wait around for our help or make an appointment with us. We'll help you out right away, whether to answer questions, assist you with a lesson or anything else you may need.

Remote Attendance

Our course options are extremely flexible. We offer you the ability to train where you want to and when you want to, while still maintaining our support. Remotely tap into our training center and work with our on-staff instructors. Instructors can talk to students, view their workstation sessions, help understand exercises or share their own screen to lecture. Also, access your training lessons online after hours and over the weekends for self-study.

In-Center Attendance

Choose to upgrade your program and attend training in our physical training center for a one-time fee. As always, our instructors are available on-demand when you need them. Ve-I provides the facility, workstation and software required to execute all of our coursework. Our building is easily accessible from the highway and offers sufficient parking, a cafeteria, lounge area, pool tables and other amenities.

Advanced Classes

Learn critical skills that are often overlooked by even the largest educational institutions, but are critical to nearly every business. Classes are also available individually.

Unlimited Programs

Students have unlimited access to the listed courses, for each selected program, for up to 12 months. Programs can be extended beyond 12 months in order to continue expanding your skill set or simply stay up to date on newer versions of software. These programs cover the vast majority of the applications skills that employees will need to do their job. Course skill levels range from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. Certification Exam Preparation Classes are also offered for certain applications. If we add new classes to your program, you get access to them automatically. If you don't see what you need, just contact us. We'll be happy to try and accommodate your request.

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