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Become a 3D Parametric Solid Modeler and Detailer using Revit

Discover the industry-standard 3D Architectural Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tool.

Become a Confident User

Create 3D models and produce technically accurate drawings of buildings and various architectural structures - all while learning industry-standard drafting & modeling practices.

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Visible Edge specializes in this complex discipline, with over 30 years of experience working with CAD, CAD Implementations, CAD upgrades, and more.

Revit Architectural Program
Explore a Wide Range of Electives

Choose electives covering countless topics including MEP and Structural Families, Parametric Furniture Modeling, Curvature, Interior Architecture, Interior Design, BIM Management, and more.

Expand your Marketability

Optional electives include additional training in SolidWorks, Creo (AKA Pro/ENGINEER), Inventor, and AutoCAD.

This program prepares you to be a proficient 3D Parametric Solid Modeler & Detailer using an industry-standard 3D Architectural Computer-Aided Design tool called Revit. You will learn to create 3D models and produce technically accurate drawings of building and other architectural structures while learning industry-standard drafting & modeling practices. Optional electives include core training in SolidWorks, Creo (AKA Pro/ENGINEER), Inventor and AutoCAD.

Students successfully completing this program will receive the industry-recognized Revit Architecture Certified Professional Certification. You will be taught industry-standard skills and tools used by major discreet manufacturers and product development companies.

Core Revit courseware includes: Revit Essential Training: Architecture (Imperial), Detailing, Architecture: Advanced Modeling, Families, Stairs Workshop, Building Curtain Walls, Building Roofs, View Range, Schedules, Revit: Essential Training for MEP (Imperial), Advanced Techniques for Importing CAD Drawings, Industrialized Construction, Area Calculations, Construction Modeling Tools, Phasing and Design Options, Fire-Alarm Systems Design, Sprinkler Design, Certification Prep: Revit Architecture Certified Professional, Special Project Work - Create Certificate Level Portfolio

A wide range of in-demand and unique electives are also included in our program in order to increase your employment marketability over other traditionally trained candidates.

Elective courses touch upon topics such as Revit Templates: Content, Migrating AutoCAD Standards, Architecture: Family Editor (Imperial and Metric), Architectural Families, MEP Families, Structural Families, Parametric Furniture Modeling, Parametric Curvature in the Family Editor, Interior Architecture, Dynamo for Interior Design, Interior Design Construction Ready Techniques, Custom Furniture Modeling, BIM Management Careers, Creating a BIM Execution Plan, BIM 360 Design Essential, Optimize Your BIM Workflow, Modeling Best Practices for BIM, Revit Worksharing, Revit: Rendering, Visualization, AR and VR Workflows, Revit to Unreal for Architecture, Revit: Presenting and Managing Design Options, Revit and Unreal Engine: Real-Life Architectural Visualizations, Revit Insight: Energy Analysis, Revit: Structural Analysis Tools, Dynamo for Revit, Generative Design for Revit, Revit Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting, Revit: Student Design Project, Revit Architecture: Designing a House (Project), Revit: Multifamily Housing (Project), Designing Home Plans with Revit (Project), Certification Prep: Revit for Structural Design Professional, Certification Prep: Revit Structure Certified Professional, Cert Prep: Revit MEP Electrical Certified Professional, Cert Prep: Revit MEP Mechanical & Plumbing Certified Professional.

Other Elective Topics include SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo (please see respective CAD “Design Applications Specialist” programs for details), AutoCAD 2D & 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, Mathematica Programming, MATLAB, Keyshot, ZBrush, Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Navisworks, SketchUp, Fundamentals of Math, Algebra and Geometry Essentials.

Often times, CAD “gurus” end up becoming CAD System Administrators. Because of this, we have put together a group of electives that gives you the tools to meet that challenge. Topics include Windows Operating System (OS) Fundamentals, CompTIA A+ Certification Prep which covers basic to advanced computer hardware and configuration concepts, Advanced Windows Performance Troubleshooting and Server Administration Fundamentals, Security Awareness Training for Employees, Excel for Project Management, and Microsoft Visio - an awesome diagramming and documentation tool. Additional beginner to advanced Microsoft Office related topics include Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel, Visual Basic Applications (VBA) Programming, SharePoint, Access, PowerPoint & Project. We also have various IoT & AR courses including Unity: A Beginner's Guide to Augmented Reality.

As an added benefit, if you are currently unemployed, you may qualify to have the entire program paid for, 100%, without any out-of-pocket costs to you. We are WIOA, Trade Act, Section 30 and GI Bill Approved. We also offer various other financing options.

Our counselors are available to help put together a customized program to meet your needs.

Upon completion of the program, you may obtain industry-recognized certifications including, but not limited to:


Revit Architecture Certified Professional

LEED Certification