Professional Services

Visible Edge offers various Professional Services to support our clients. Our services are diverse, advanced and effective. Choose from services such as Product Data Management (PDM) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services, Analysis & Simulation of designs, Automation or Animation work, Support Agreements, Design & Detailing, and Product Design. We also provide resources, short or long term technical support, assistance with excess work and more.


Visible Edge implements, migrates, upgrades and maintains work group Product Data Management (PDM) and enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. We fully support all parts of your engineering and design environment. Services are available on an hourly basis, a per project basis or through support agreements.

Analysis and Simulation

Visible Edge performs the preliminary structural, motion, vibration, thermal, fluid, thermal fluid and mold flow analysis of your designs. We use high-powered simulation tools to test for strength, displacements, natural frequencies and other performance requirements, without creating a single physical prototype. The result: we help you attain higher quality products, developed at significantly lower costs, delivered to market in record time.


Visible Edge professionals capture design intent and automate the creation of designs, allowing you to create models and documentation efficiently. We take Engineered-to-Order (ETO) products and build automated, customized systems. The systems allow you to quickly configure and design your products, while simultaneously improving quality and delivery times. The models can also be used to create proposals, estimates and other documents in a fraction of the time.


Visible Edge animation professionals produce photo realistic animation to communicate complex engineering procedures and principles. Industrial Animation is rapidly becoming a required sales and marketing tool for demonstrating and differentiating your products.

Support Agreements

MCAD, PDM and PLM support services allow clients to have technical support personnel at their company site to fulfill systems support duties or to supplement an existing support structure. Typical activities include trouble shooting, resolution of problematic issues, and investigation or reporting of software bugs. Proactive support agreements are also available where Visible Edge performs standard system maintenance functions for you, ensuring your system runs at peak efficiency with little downtime. Support agreement holders can use allocated time for other requirements, ranging from mentoring to system enhancements.

Design, Detailing and Engineering

Resources On-Demand*
Visible Edge product development professionals alleviate resource constraints at your location or provide outsourced support from our facility.

Product Design
Visible Edge take your concepts from napkin to manufacturing. We provide any level of product design support from individual on-site designers and engineers, to fully outsourced projects managed and executed at our design center.

Basic and Advanced Modeling
Our profoundly experienced staff can create models of all degrees and complexities, from simple parts to compound aircraft engines. We can augment your models with parametric design constraints and convert most CAD formats through direct translators or remodeling.

Detailing and Documentation
Spending too much time on detailing and documentation update work? Send us the work you don’t want your staff doing. Whether it's detailing, ECO’s, parts creation or other work, we got it covered.