Since 1989, Visible Edge has continued to specialize in countless areas of service. Individuals around the world rely on us for training courses, advanced education, staffing and placement services, analysis and simulation work, designing and detailing, system maintenance or upgrades, supplemental work completion, and more. We work with clients ranging from small home businesses to global Fortune 100 companies. Visible Edge is dedicated to ensuring your success - as well as sustaining your organization's environment to keep it running at peak efficiency.

Visible Edge - Educations & Training, Staffing & Resources, and Technology & Integration



As a Licensed Post-Secondary Educational Institution, our training courses provide you with in-depth skills in leading applications. We work with industries such as cybersecurity, information technology (IT), marketing, project management, manufacturing, engineering, architecture, sales, and more. Additionally, our staffing services assist both companies and individuals with job placements. We provide individuals with opportunities regarding open job positions at top companies in their area. Similarly, we guide highly skilled and experienced candidates to companies that are looking to fill open job positions in their organization. Visible Edge also excels in Technology and Integration services, supplying top of the line software, hardware, rendering services, IT or consulting support, and additional services.



Our team at Visible Edge consists of marketing and IT specialists, engineers, counselors, instructors, project managers, design experts and more. We are owned and operated by degreed engineers, each with 30+ years of experience optimizing, managing and working in technical environments. Our team is constantly striving to learn and grow - because we love what we do.



If you are a hardworking, motivated individual seeking a new opportunity, we encourage you to upload your resume. If you have an open job position at your organization that you'd like us to help fill, please submit a job description.



Visible Edge works alongside career centers across the country to provide training to individuals who are eligible for funding - whether that be WIOA, Trade Act, ITA, or another similar funding options. We help guide students along the funding process, connect them with counselors, provide advanced training, and even help out with staffing & placements upon training completion.



If you're interested in any of our services, would like to learn more about Visible Edge, or have any questions for us, feel free to book a time to speak with us. You can also contact us through email or phone.