Creo NC & Tooling Suite

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What you need to capitalize on global manufacturing excellence

Our complete family of applications can handle every aspect of the machine process, from mold design and advanced  NC to 3D CAD simulation and verification. PTC Creo machining solutions work alongside PTC Creo, giving you true concurrent design through manufacture. So you have the confidence knowing your parts are cut efficiently and accurately.

Reduce Scrap and Material Costs While Shortening Lead Times

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is the use of computers to perform product design and manufacturing. Manufacturing is done via CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines.

To understand exactly why this is useful, think of the seemingly easy task of drilling holes in a part.  Done manually, speed and accuracy can suffer from operator fatigue, boredom, and errors.  It’s not hard to see how costs then rise and production declines, providing future business and profits for competitors.  Why be that obliging?

CAM can also be especially helpful in producing and designing molds for plastic parts.   Once the mold is designed, it’s essential that the core and cavity of the mold, sliders, and cooling channels be machined efficiently with absolute precision. CAM software enables you to design the optimal tool paths to do this.

Don’t waste time piecing together an integrated workflow for the precision machining of parts.  Creo NC and Tooling solutions provides you with a full set of capabilities to achieve the highest quality and precision in the fastest possible time.

A Solution for Your Role in Manufacturing

No matter what role you perform in product manufacturing, PTC Creo has a precision CAM tool that can help you deliver higher-quality products–at a lower cost–in the shortest time frame possible.  Here are additional CAM tools that are helping engineers in a variety of manufacturing disciplines.

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