3D Printers for Additive Manufacturing

From low cost desktop to precision metal and biomaterial printing

3D Printers for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing for the desktop to the factory floor. We offer Additive Manufacturing solutions for personal desktop prototype use to high end high resolution printing. Plastics, carbon fiber, metal and biomaterial.


Maximize 3D Printing Productivity

PTC's Additive Manufacturing Extension (AMX)
With Creo, what you design is actually what you print. Say goodbye to the disconnected, error-ridden hassle of multiple software packages. Now you can design, optimize, validate, and run a print-check all in one environment, reducing overall process time, tedium, and mistakes. When you’re ready, simply send the file straight to the 3D printer. Creo closes the gap between 3D CAD and 3D printing.



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