3D Printing Technology

We offer Additive Manufacturing solutions for all purposes; whether it's with plastics, carbon fiber, metal or biomaterial. Additive Manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize design and manufacturing. With Creo, what you design is actually what you print. You can design, optimize, validate and run a print-check all in same environment. This leads to reduced overall process time, tedium and mistakes. When you’re ready, simply send your file to the 3D printer. Creo closes the gap between 3D CAD and 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing Extension (AMX)

Creo Additive Manufacturing (AMX) is an add-on extension providing automated lattice structure creation and printer tray setup (nesting optimization). With this extension, allow yourself rapid creation of design concepts and prototype geometry, use of Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), increased design freedom, cost reduction with part consolidation and much more.

Additive Manufacturing Overview

Design, optimize, validate, and print-check highly complex geometry that can only be produced through additive manufacturing with Creo. Manufacturers from all industries have begun to prosper from this new technology. Create, model or manage print tray assemblies, create and optimize lattice structures, add parts, define positioning and perform global interference checks.

Method X

Method X is an amazing, affordable 3D Printer and manufacturing workstation. Method X is created with top of the line materials, to ensure that your result is everything that you could possibly imagine. The workstation includes breakthrough technology leveraging patents from Stratasys® — a worldwide leader in industrial 3D printing. Method X unlocks innovation.

Speed Up Production

3D Printing can take just a couple hours, while testing your ideas and troubleshooting designs can take weeks.

Reduce Waste

Don't waste your materials. Only use the materials that you need to create your prototype. No need for cutting or injection molding, which lead to wasted materials and resources.

Improve Your Quality

Print better products. Step by step assembly and optimized prototypes lead to enhanced quality.

Endless Design Options

Print with unlimited possibilities. Produce even the most complex shapes, surfaces, and geometries.

Reduce Risk

With 3D printing, you can optimize, test, and verify your prototype before you begin manufacturing.

Tangible Products & Designs

Don't just look at your prototype on a computer screen, experience it hands on. Physically examine, verify, and test your product.