As a full-cloud product, Onshape also eliminates the hassles of installations, license codes and servers, service packs, and add-on PDM systems. Every Onshape user always works with the same version of Onshape – the latest version. Companies worldwide use Onshape today to speed up the design of consumer electronics, mechanical machinery, medical devices, machine parts, industrial equipment, and many other products. Onshape’s free plan also makes it the ideal CAD choice for students and educators to collaborate inside and outside the classroom.


Onshape is the first full-cloud 3D CAD system. It runs in a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) on any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook). There is no software to download, install, or license. Further, every user in the world works on the same version of Onshape -the latest. When collaborating, there is never an issue with data incompatibility.


Onshape delivers workstation-level performance on entry-level computers, phones and tablets. In many cases, it is faster than desktop CAD. Desktop CAD uses 4 or 8 cores in the desktop computer. Onshape uses thousands of cores in the Onshape Cloud, and can add more in real time to ensure the kind of performance our customers need.


Designers experienced with traditional 3D CAD will be immediately productive in Onshape. It uses familiar parametric and direct modeling techniques. However, because Onshape allows multiple parts to share sketches and features, new levels of efficiency can be realized by building and editing parts together.

A Modern Approach to Building Assemblies

Onshape introduces a new approach to creating assemblies. Higher level mates enable users to build assemblies with one-third the mating relationships of traditional CAD. This results in assemblies that are are easier to build, manage and edit. Complex mechanisms can be animated through their complete range of motion.


Teams can access the same documents simultaneously. Colleagues can work on the same parts, assemblies, and drawings at the same time. Access is controlled by the owner of the document, and each user sees visual indicators when others are working within the same document. Team members can choose to create separate “branches” of a design and work on new design improvements individually. Since Onshape stores these variations within one document, colleagues can merge the branches, saving rework by combining the best ideas. Onshape allows users to view each other’s screens while working together in a document. This real-time “follow mode” improves communication during design reviews and helps add clarity when making design changes.