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A Foolproof Approach to Flow Analysis

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a technology that evaluates liquid and gas flow within a design. It's the computer-based simulation of flow motion problems. Technology like this has traditionally been

Visible Edge COVID-19 Update

A Message From Our President, Mark Harwood, Regarding COVID-19 Plans. For over 30 years, Visible Edge has been providing critical products and services to our community and the aerospace, defense,

Improve Industrial Safety with Augmented Reality

When you think of manufacturing plants, you often think of moving parts. In fact, manufacturing plants are actually full of moving parts. Fast-moving machinery, equipment, and vehicles can make manufacturing

german reprap 3d printers L320

3 Additive Manufacturing Innovations That You Need

Innovation in additive manufacturing is moving fast - both complementing traditional manufacturing methods and opening up additional ground-breaking avenues. 1. Generative Design To be simply put, generative design basically takes

Vuforia Augmented Reality for the Automotive Industry

The Use of Immersive AR Experiences for Training/Microlearning

Traditional coursework and training seminars aren’t as effective as they once were. Our next generation of workers have grown accustomed to learning with technology. Their learning style lends itself better to

digital twin

Digital Twin vs. Digital Thread

Digital twin vs. digital thread The digital twin and digital thread are two concepts that have been around for decades, but the technology to make them powerful, useful, and accessible

Augmented/Virtual Reality Hardware

How to Choose Which Augmented Reality Device is Right For You

When organizations have a winning combination of domain expertise, hardware, and the right enterprise AR software... successful implementations of industrial augmented reality happen. There are a range of applicable AR

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10 Advantages of Additive Manufacturing

If you aren't taking advantage of additive manufacturing (AM) yet, it's very likely that you should be. Additive manufacturing and AM technologies continuously improve and expand every day. AM technology

The Top CAD Trends of 2020

So far this year, efficiency has been a clear theme for CAD. Various companies are using the advances in CAD technology to do more with less - whether that means

Three Ways Augmented Reality (AR) Can Help You Increase Service Revenue

How Can Augmented Reality (AR) Help You Increase Service Revenue? Service organizations need to help enterprise customers optimize their operations, while minimizing all forms of cost and waste. However, high

7 New Years Resolutions for Engineers

7 New Years Resolutions for Engineers

There has been a dramatic shift in technology throughout the last decade. Since 2010, we've seen the rise of 4G internet (with 5G making waves in 2020 and beyond), cloud

Mathcad Prime 6.0

Four Must-Use Features to Master in Mathcad

Mathcad provides unbeatable functionality for various groups of people - whether it be engineers, data scientists, mathematicians, or business people. No matter your discipline, there's something for everyone. Here are

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