Typhon X99 Servers

The power of multiple systems, all compacted into one. The Typhon Server is a single or dual xeon based system that will exceed your expectations. The Typhon Server is perfect for companies with space restrictions that don't want to incur the cost of installing rack based hardware. This single tower can house both a server and a separate workstation for the administrator, or a second low cost server for file sharing and other applications. There is also room for an additional motherboard for a separate system to provide for the Administrator.

Key Features:
• ECC Memory Based system w/Quad Graphics Support (main system)
• Secondary Core i7/i9 based system for administration or file serving
• Versatile Super-Tower Design in brushed black aluminum and tempered glass
• Ultra-Expandable with extra memory, PCI & drive slots
• Platinum Class Power Supplies - the Heart of the System

We're so confident in our systems that we offer a 5 year warranty.

Please, contact us for latest pricing. Upgrade options are available.