Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) is the practice of aligning service parts management, technical communication, field service management and product support operations to maximize customer uptime. Leverage product intelligence and connectivity to transform your business. With SLM, you'll acquire the capabilities you need to turn your service organization into a sustainable, growing operation. Utilize SLM to manage your service parts, deliver up-to-date service information, predict potential problems and prevent future product failure. Service solutions create a unique approach for continuous service improvement and endless opportunities for revenue growth.

ThingWorx Asset Advisor

Provide service teams with unprecedented capabilities to see, understand and act in real time for a proactive maintenance approach. Remotely monitor, manage, diagnose and resolve issues for connected equipment. ThingWorx Asset Advisor connects to your manufacturing equipment and provides real-time sensor details and alerts.

Service Parts Management

Service Parts Management enables your organization to optimize inventory, minimize excess or shortage conditions and analyze service supply chain performance. Meet your service targets and address considerations and constraints. Avoid outdated service manuals, duplicate content, incorrect part numbers and misleading instructions.

Creo Illustrate

Create 3D technical illustrations that precisely reflect current product designs. Use your illustrations to communicate complex information for the manufacturing, operation, servicing and maintenance of your products. Increase service accuracy, improve parts, accelerate maintenance times, upgrade product performance and reduce costs.