Routed Systems Design (RSD)

Cables, Harnesses, Piping, Schematics and E/MCAD Collaboration


Routed Systems Design (RSD)

What is Routed Systems Design?

Routed systems design is the science and art of determining the best paths for electrical and hydraulic systems in your products. Traditionally, this process can be complex, time-consuming, and prone to error. But it must be done. After all, those 360 wires in that custom sailboat design won’t route themselves. 

It’s no secret that routing (and rerouting) can be difficult, more so as you develop other parts and assemblies and especially when you leave the whole thing until the very last moment – or even the shop floor. But what if routed systems design were a part of your detailed design process from the very start?  Then you’d be able to cut costs, reduce work, make better designs, and speed time to market.  And your accurate, up-to-date documentation would make you a hero on the factory floor and the service department’s favorite person.


Creo Schematics is a comprehensive, stand-alone 2D diagramming solution for creating 2D schematic diagrams of routed systems such as cabling, piping, HVAC and hydraulic systems. The software automates the creation of detailed 3D routed system designs from existing 2D schematics. This saves time, reduces errors, and eliminates tedious manual processes by correctly interpreting 2D logic and transferring it accurately into 3D.

Harness Manufacturing

Traditionally, creating harness documentation has been time-consuming and expensive, its very nature reducing your choice of harness manufacturer. With Creo HMX, you can create consistent documentation that any manufacturer can use, and you can do it with a few clicks. Imagine the impact on your budget and lead time when all documentation creation is in-house and under your control. You can get back to doing your job creating great products.

Piping & Cabling

Create piping and cabling systems quickly and easily for any industry. Start with a 2D schematic or, if you prefer, route directly in the 3D environment. Whichever you choose, Creo PCX allows you to use the logical data from the schematic to automate the creation of the 3D content. Any changes you make are reflected in the manufacturing documentation. By shortening the design cycle and getting to market quicker, you’ll save time and money.

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension (ECX) software helps improve your electromechanical product development process and makes it easier for electrical and mechanical designers to collaborate.  Better identify and resolve potential electromechanical issues and record and manage the design change process more efficiently.  Compatible with Cadence and Mentor. It is well suited to bridging the communication and collaboration challenges of geographically dispersed teams.

Creo View ECAD

Built upon the production-proven InterComm Expert technology, PTC Creo View ECAD is a high-performance solution that enables visualization, analysis and design verification of schematic and PCB CAD electronic design content. This solution can help electronics and high-tech companies quickly identify and resolve electronic design data issues early in the product development cycle.

Creo View MCAD

Creo View MCAD is a universal viewer that brings 3D MCAD product models, assemblies, drawings, images and documents to everyone’s desktop for comprehensive interrogation and visual collaboration–all without the need for native authoring applications.

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