Prometheus X299

The most powerful, scalable X-Series Workstation on the market. Whether you're working with complex models or live simulations, running FEA and CFD calculations, creating photo-realistic animations and renderings, or using augmented/virtual reality applications, time is money. Our workstations aren't just entry level CAD stations. They're designed for multi-threaded and graphic intensive applications. Our Prometheus Workstations are the most scalable workstations on the market and will provide the ultimate value and power.

Key Features:
• Versatile Mid-Tower Design for multiple full-length graphics cards
• Ultra-Expandable with extra memory, PCI & drive slots
• Platinum Class Power Supplies - the Heart of the System
• Intel X299 Chipset supports Intel X-Series Core i7 & i9 CPU’s!
• Built-in Wireless & Bluetooth for easy network access & more bandwidth
• Upgraded options available
• LEDs can be shut off

Additional options available:
8th & 9th Generation Processors
ASUS GeForce RTX & GTX Graphic Cards
PNY Quadro Graphic Card
Corsair Cooling Options
Corsair Power Supplies
Corsair Keyboards
Corsair Mice
Corsair Cases

We're so confident in our systems that we offer a 5 year warranty.

Base Prometheus Configuration


Enhanced Prometheus System