KeyShot Animation & Rendering

The key to amazing shots… in seconds. Keyshot breaks down the complexity barriers of creating photographic images from 3D models faster, easier, and more amazing than ever before. With Keyshot, you can easily create amazing images to utilize throughout your product development process while also pondering possible product variations and quickly making design decisions. Keyshot is perfect for communicating early concepts, helping make design decisions, and creating eye-catching marketing and sales images. With Keyshot, you are allowed to import 3D models, modify paint and coloring, adjust lighting, alter camera angles, and choose distance or depth in order to create the most realistic, accurate, and efficient design possible.


Luxion specializes in the area of real-time ray-tracing of three-dimensional scenes to produce the most realistic renderings possible. Through highly-optimized lighting algorithms to accurate physical representation of materials, Luxion continues to advance lighting technology.


Luxion advances the research of photon mapping, an extension of ray-tracing, making it possible to efficiently simulate global illumination in complex scenes. This includes the accurate simulation of focused caustics, diffuse inter-reflections and participating media.


Luxion is in the forefront of physically-based lighting simulation. With technology developed by Luxion, it is now possible to create accurate, high-quality, interactive product visuals or analyze the effect that lighting has on an environment, façade or within a building.

Real-time Ray Tracing. Progressive global illumination with adaptive material sampling, dynamic lighting and focused caustics.

HDRI Lighting. Light your scenes quickly. Drag and drop a KeyShot HDRI environment into the scene and adjust as needed.

Physical Lighting. Add area, point or IES light sources by applying a light material to any piece of model geometry.

Spotlights. Completely adjustable with color, angle, falloff and diameter, plus the ability to add stencils for gobo lighting effects.

Accurate Materials. Scientific accurate materials that represent properties like IOR, dispersion and subsurface scattering.

Material Templates. Patented technology to set up templates to automatically assign materials to the imported models on import to KeyShot.