ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Creo ECAD/MCAD Collaboration Extension (ECX) software helps improve your electromechanical product development process and makes it easier for electrical and mechanical designers to collaborate. Not only can the design team better identify and resolve potential electromechanical issues, but they can also record or manage the design change process more efficiently. ECX is also compatible with popular electrical design software tools from Cadence and Mentor. ECX has the ability to bridge the communication and collaboration challenges of geographically dispersed teams. Accelerate your electromechanical design process by attaining fewer errors, enhanced product quality and shortened product development time.

E/MCAD Collaboration

View ECAD enables all users to quickly explore, analyze and validate designs. When combined with View MCAD, these designs can be viewed in a single environment, allowing designers to quickly identify and resolve issues early in the product development cycle.

Design Tracking

Design Tracking in E/MCAD Collaboration allows you to create, edit, import, track and collaborate on important E/MCAD data. Visually integrate ECAD/MCAD information within the same user experience and enhance your design process.

Improve productivity by enabling engineers to simply share visual information across the enterprise.

Significantly improve collaboration between team members and boost efficiency of communication.

Avoid test, design and repair errors by detecting them early on in the development process.

Utilize a full set of effective markup tools for 3D models, 2D drawings, images and documents.

An easy user interface enables the visualization of MCAD models, documents and images: creating a common, consistent experience.

Reduce IT infrastructure overhead by having a single tool to view many types of detailed product data.