Direct 3D Modeling

Achieve faster design cycles, streamline CAE workflows and improve computer-aided manufacturing efficiency. Nothing has the potential to disrupt workflow like a late design change or the arrival of important models authored in other CAD systems. This may lead you to put aside plans for optimizing your design while you recreate that new model from scratch. Instead, use the direct modeling approach without leaving the parametric environment. The approach is a quick, lightweight, flexible design strategy. Click and use the drag-handle or enter a new numeric value if you want to modify geometry. Think of it as a strategy that speeds up the design process, saves money and prevents wasted time or potential problems.

Creo Direct

Create 3D concepts with ease. Whether you're at the initial stages of conceptualizing a design, gathering feedback from customers and other partners, or trying to simplify your product geometry for CAE analyses, Creo Direct gives you the right tool to complete the task most effectively. It is an easy, fast and flexible solution that enables more people to contribute to your product development process.

Creo Elements - Direct Modeling

The most comprehensive direct modeling capabilities on the market, as well as a full range of extensions to meet specialized needs. Modify design intent with complete freedom and make the most of direct modeling in 3D CAD. Improve multi-CAD collaboration, accelerate CAE workflow, accommodate late stage design changes and create more flexible concept designs.

Creo Elements - Direct Drafting

Complete detailed design work, save it and open it in a 3D package to create an equally detailed 3D model. You can also choose to reuse 2D designs, work with legacy designs, use an assembly and more. Creo Elements/Direct Drafting offers comprehensive 2D CAD capabilities for optimizing your mechanical design processes. Drive the most complex design modifications by simply changing a dimension.