Conceptualization & 2D Drawings

Automated 2D drawing creation improves return time and money for your product development process while streamlining your workflow

Conceptualization & 2D Drawings

Not every concept design project starts at the same point. You might be creating an entirely new product or just making an incremental change to a design. The tools below can handle everything from that first idea to the move into 3D. With these tools you save time, avoid data recreation, and remain focused on your design. We believe that’s a great idea.

Creo Sketch

Gives users the ability to quickly draw and communicate their product ideas. This fast, easy-to-use freehand 2D sketching application helps more people get involved and contribute to the product development process. Set your primary ideas down in minutes and then share them with suppliers, customers and coworkers.

Creo Schematics

A complete set of 2D schematic design tools for documenting electrical, cabling, piping, HVAC & hydraulic systems. These tools help you introduce your products faster, cheaper, more efficiently, and higher quality than competitors by automating the cabling and piping systems detailed design processes – saving time, effort, and money.

Creo Layout

This standalone application lets you create 2D conceptual designs and reuse them as the foundation for 3D models. It provides a sophisticated 2D environment with all the tools the 2D designer needs to develop concept designs. In addition, the associativity between the 2D and 3D designs can be optionally preserved, ensuring that later changes to the 2D design are reflected automatically in 3D.

Design Exploration

Maximize the number of concepts you explore in the same amount of time, and preserve design intent. Try new design ideas, explore alternatives with existing designs, and keep track of decision points along the way. Simulate, test and explore alternatives to optimize your design.

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