Computer Aided Verification Extension

Virtually inspect machined parts and assemblies for quality assurance

Computer Aided Verification Design

Virtually Inspect Machined Parts and Assemblies for Quality Assurance. Computer-aided verification (CAV)  is a method of inspection that compares 3D scan data of a part to existing CAD data. It's a cost-effective, efficient way to ensure that your parts are manufactured to agreed-upon dimensions.

Computer Aided Verification Extension

Delivers a straightforward, economical, and exact solution. The software allows for digital inspections of machined parts and assemblies for quality assurance purposes, and supports both CMM (coordinate measuring machines) machines and laser scanners. This integral, digital quality checking saves valuable time, effort and money. Most important it gives you absolute confidence in the QA process.

Creo > NCSIMUL Machine

With the Creo > NCSIMUL Machine interface you can now test your Creo NC programs just in one click. You can run NCSIMUL Machine directly within the Creo environment. All your data will be transferred in one click and positioned instantly on the machine.

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