Computer Numerical Control Tools

Guided by CAD data and can be used when parts require tight tolerances and finishes

CNC Tools

Computer Numerical Control machines are guided by CAD data rather than by human beings. Machining processes shape metal by the controlled removal of material. Prismatic machining cuts a 3D shape in one go. Milling, one of the most commonly used, removes material. Turning is much as it sounds: rotating the part against a machine known as a lathe. Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) uses electrically charged wire to vaporize material rather than cutting it by traditional methods. Being able to control these processes – and integrate them with CAD software – is critical to efficiency, the precision of your parts and the quality of your product.

PTC Products

Tools for creation and optimization of machining processes

NC & Tooling Suite
Boosts productivity by automatically creating and optimizing toolpaths using standard and form tools.

Complete Machining Extension (TDX + EMX)
Designed for specialized mold assembly creation, this package bundles Creo TDX and Creo EMX.

Additive Manufacturing Extension (AMX)
Design, optimize, validate and run a print-check all in one environment.

Creo Parametric
Create precise geometry regardless of a model’s complexity with real-time collision and interference capabilities so you can correct design problems early on in the design process.

Spring Technologies Products

Capabilities specifically for design with plastic

NCSIMUL Machine is an advanced simulation software. Easily integrate to your existing software system with CAM interfaces and tool management.

Reduce your CNC machining cycle time by 20%. Enhance the quality of your machining operations and increase your machine capacity. Use the right tool length offsets and secure your setup, extended tool breakage-safety, alerts on restricted center-cutting tools, direct before-and-after comparison for a detailed overview on results and data, and more.

Creo > NCSIMUL Machine
NCSIMUL Machine checks multi-axis operations and supports ISO code generated by Creo. The Creo and NCSIMUL Machine solutions operate separately, enabling you to create and edit a toolpath while at the same time optimizing another NC program.

NC & Tooling Suite

Easy to use, with unmatched power and performance: providing you with everything you need to achieve the highest quality, highest precision machining in the fastest possible time. The complete family of applications can handle every aspect of the machine process, from mold/cast design and advanced NC to 3D CAD simulation and verification.

Complete Machining Extension (EMX + TDX)

Creo Complete Machining Extension provides basic prismatic milling options, as well as advanced NC programming capabilities for your model. It includes extensive tool libraries and proven manufacturing templates, simplifies storage, improves product quality and reduces time to market. Develop machined products like a pro, from design to production.


A complete machining simulation software for debugging, optimizing and running machining programs for Numerical Control machine tools. Problem-solving capabilities significantly boost the cost-effectiveness of the environment; including programming, tooling selection, clamping methods, attachments, machine-tools and the time devoted to the process.

Additive Manufacturing

Creo closes the gap between 3D CAD and 3D printing. With Creo, what you design is actually what you print. Design, optimize, validate and run a print-check all in one environment. Creo's metal printing capabilities cover 70%  of the metal printers currently on the market.


Reduce your CNC machining cycle time by 20% while enhancing the quality of your machining operations and increasing your machine capacity.  Set tool length offsets, analyse cutting condition, remove air cutting and optimize material removal.

Creo > NCSIMUL Machine

With the Creo > NCSIMUL Machine interface, you can now test your Creo NC programs just in one click. Run NCSIMUL Machine directly within the Creo environment. All of your data will be transferred and positioned instantly on the machine in one step.