Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Key concerns in working with sheet metal? Creo software can help

Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Improve your sheet metal manufacturing operations. Sheet metal is metal (especially aluminum) formed into flat sheets by hammering, rolling or extruding. Sheet metal is among the most common of construction materials because it's strong, robust, lightweight and relatively cheap. It can also be cut, bent and formed into a variety of shapes and sizes. Proper sheet metal manufacturing leads to efficient use of materials and design optimization for manufacturing.

NC Sheet Metal Extension

Resolves manufacturing problems on the factory floor and helps you gain productivity by automatically creating and optimizing toolpaths using standard and form tools. Use smart auto-nesting to utilize maximum sheet area, reduce scrap and material costs and shorten lead times.

Progressive Die Extension

Includes easy-to-use wizards to guide you through automatic strip layout definition, cut stamp creation, and placement/modification of die components. You can eliminate error-prone manual tasks by automatically creating clearance cuts, drilled holes, and documentation.