Data is Transforming and Powering Businesses Everywhere.

The proliferation of data across all sectors of the global economy has introduced one of the most in-demand, booming fields today: Data Analytics.

Data Is Everywhere
From hospitals to cities, higher education, and global organizations - Data is powering businesses around the world.

Learn All Aspects Of The Industry
After being introduced to fundamental Data Analytics and Business Intelligence topics, you'll explore various topics such as Business Data Analysis, Computer Science, Data Science, MySQL, and Data Analytics Professional Certification Prep.

Big Data Analytics
Boost Your Career

Whether you're a displaced service industry worker or an experienced user - our programs can be customized to provide the skillset required to excel in the industry.

Countless Elective Choices

Discover numerous aspects of the industry and surrounding industries through your elective courses. Choose from courses like Python, Pandas, Java, SQL, MATLAB, DJANGO, Power BI (Microsoft), Visio, and more.

Our (Big) Data Analytics & Business Intelligence program is one of our most advanced and in-depth programs to date - touching upon countless related ideas and processes to provide an extremely comprehensive knowledge set for anyone seeking a career in this expanding field. 

As a result of the industry expanding so quickly, workforce needs have shifted dramatically. With more than 2.3 million job openings today, experts predict that by 2021, that number will swell to more than 2.7 million. Many companies are now searching for qualified candidates who possess both a deep understanding of the mechanics of working with data, and the capacity to identify and communicate the data-driven insights that ultimately influence business decisions. 

This Certificate level program was designed specifically for those who have little to no experience. Some of the core courses in the program include topics like Business Data Analysis, Computer Science, Programming TheoryData ScienceMySQL, and a Data Analytics Professional Certification Prep & Exam. 

If you have previous experience or current skills, you may expand your program to prepare for/obtain even higher-level competency in advanced applications. These advanced applications include both machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) - which encompass fields such as preference analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and image processing.

In addition to these topics, there are also various elective courses to choose from reviewing topics like Python, Pandas, Java, Data Analysis, Power BI (Microsoft), Probability, Statistics, Machine LearningDJANGOData Wrangling, Visualization, R ProgrammingApplied Statistical Modeling for Data Analysis in R, Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis, and more.

You also have the option to choose from electives on various other topics, including Project Management Fundamentals, Microsoft Office, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Root Cause Analysis, SQL, TableauGit, Visio, and more.

Whether you are a displaced service industry worker or an experienced IT user, our programs can be customized to provide the skillset required to obtain one of the many projected open positions in this field. When you learn data analytics, you enter a path to a high-demand profession that will never lose importance, become obsolete, or decrease in value to companies - regardless of their size or industry.

Our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Program can also be taken 100% remotely or in-center, all with Live Instructors On-Demand. 

Upon completion of the program, you may obtain the industry-recognized certification:

Data Analytics Professional