Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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Concurrent CFD: Analyze as you design and speed up your workflow.

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FloEFD is a full-featured general purpose CFD tool serving the needs of Creo, Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks as well as other popular MCAD systems.  FloEFD combines all simulation steps – starting with use of your 3D CAD data for model preparation, to mesh generation, solving and results visualization – in one easy-to-use package.

Concurrent CFD can reduce simulation time by as much as 65% to 75% in comparison to traditional CFD tools.  FloEFD Pro is the only fully embedded Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool for Creo with the same “look and feel” so you are not forced to learn a new interface simply to use the software with no translation or copies.



 CFD for electronics cooling…

using parameterized SmartParts for common electronic components such as fans, heatsinks, and IC packages.

The powerful FloTHERM® suite of 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software predicts airflow and heat transfer, in and around electronic equipment. FloTHERM delivers right-by-design products that save design time and reduce the need for physical prototyping from components and boards to complete systems and data centers.

Available Modules

FloTHERM, FloTHERM XT, FloTHERM Pack, FloTherm PCB & FloTherm IC
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Mentor FloVENT is Computational Fluid Dynamics software that optimizes HVAC airflows with fast, easy-to-use simulation to predict 3D airflow, heat transfer, contamination distribution and comfort indices in and around buildings of all types and sizes.

Create Intelligent Models
Robust Structured Cartesian Mesher Minimizes Solution Time
Finely-tuned Solver
Powerful Visualization Tools

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CFD for pipework networks and systems

Flowmaster V7 is the leading general purpose 1D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution for modeling and analysis of fluid mechanics and pipe/duct flow in complex systems.


  • Powerful Transient Solver
  • Open, Extendable Architecture
  • Secure Traceable Data
  • Design Optimization Capability
  • Unique 1D-3D Simulation for thorough System Level Design

Available Flowmaster Modules

Flowmaster Aerospace, Automotive, Power & Energy & Gas Turbine
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