AdvantEDGE Workstations

Built with nothing to hide!

We only use the brand name parts for our systems.
Built to order ensuring you always get the latest technology!

Shown with optional components

AdvantEDGE Workstation Family

Aurora Series Entry-level workstation
Helios Series Mid-level workhorse
Prometheus Series Most scalable workstation on the market
Athena Series Xeon ECC based workstation


Experience the Power

Lightning Fast Core X-Series and Xeon CPU’s
Eyewatering GTX & Quadro Graphics
Insane Overclocking capabilities
Scorching Memory speeds up to 4999MHz+
Blisteringly fast NVME M.2 SSD’s

See and Feel the Quality

ASUS – Motherboards and Graphics Cards
Corsair – Cases, Power Supplies & Memory
Corsair – Liquid CPU & GPU Coolers
Corsair – Keyboards, Mice and Accessories
Samsung – SSD’s and Memory
Intel – Processors and On-Board Graphics
G.Skill – Memory
PNY – Graphics Cards

Benefit from the Value

Yes! Many of the components we use are from the gaming world.  This is one of the reasons why Visible Edge has been so disruptive in the engineering and design world for over 20 years.  We find ways to allow our customers to innovate faster for less cost.

Gamers beat the daylights out of their systems so quality and durability are absolute musts for hardware manufacturers selling into that market. They also demand the latest and greatest hardware for their systems. Believe it of not, CAD is no longer the most demanding computer application on the market!  Given that Gamers outnumber engineers and designer by at least 10 to 1, economies of scale enable manufactures to sell more robust and feature-rich hardware to that market at lower prices.  Our workstations are designed to run a much larger range of graphics applications than a standard CAD station.

The result is we build faster, more scalable, higher quality systems for less than the big-name OEM’s, all while giving you a most enjoyable lunch break!

Don’t see what you want?  Just ask!
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