Skills Optimization

These programs are designed for the employed individual who needs flexible training options.  

Program options allow the student to take their training in-office or in-center, when they want to, while maintaining on-demand access to Ve-I instructors any business weekday between 7:00AM and 5:00PM. Students can also access training lessons online afterhours and over the weekends for self-study.

Remote Attendance:
Students can tap directly into our training center remotely and work with our on-staff instructors’ on-demand like they would in a physical training room.  The instructors can talk to the students and view their workstation session help a student with their exercises or share their own screen to lecture.  Standard communication is via the internet so there are no toll charges.

In-Center Attendance:
For a small, one-time, incremental fee, students can upgrade their program and attend training in our physical training center.  As always our instructors’ are available on-demand when you need them.  Ve-I provides the facility, workstation & software required to execute the coursework.

The Associate level programs cover the vast majority of the applications skills that most employees will need to do their job.  An Associate Level Certification Exam Preparation Class is included for applicable applications.

The Professional level programs have advanced classes plus Professional Certification Exam Preparation Classes for applicable applications.

The Expert level programs add advanced analysis classes plus Expert Certification Exam Preparation Classes for applicable applications.

Programs are available for:

    Revit (coming soon)
    AutoCAD (coming soon)
    AutoCAD Electrical (coming soon)
    Windchill (coming soon)